Sales terms and conditions

When the user makes a purchase or payment for a product or service, the following conditions and pre-contractual information shall apply:


The goods sold through the website and its subdomains are infoproducts consisting of e-books, online courses, licenses for the use of software applications, online libraries and memberships.

Not all products are sold directly, but links to the relevant distributors are provided through the website.

On the website you are contracting with CoolProyect LLC (trading name CoolProyect), with FILE NUMBER: 3114047, and address at 8 THE GRN STE A
DOVER, DE 19901, and email


During the purchase process the buyer’s fiscal data are requested. It is the user’s responsibility to provide real and accurate data. These data are necessary for CoolProyect to fulfill its tax obligations. In the event of any legal action arising from the lack or falsity of such data, CoolProyect in no case be liable for failure to comply with the requirements with respect to the data you provide.


To make a purchase or order on this website, it is necessary to register. These data will be treated as reported in the section on privacy and data protection in these terms of use.

To make a purchase, you must choose the product or service, and the system will automatically redirect you to the order page. Once you have checked the information displayed, you must click on the purchase button. A new window will open where you will have to enter the requested data and choose a payment method. You will be asked for the necessary data for the payment, and once filled in and accepted, an order confirmation page will open.


The prices indicated on the website are final prices, including taxes.

Temporary offers and promotions are valid as long as they are displayed on the website.

Offers may be modified or cancelled without notice.

The CoolProRoom software subscription prices, once the purchase is made, will remain in effect for a full year from the day of purchase, and may be modified after the first year after prior communication by email to the customer.

For technical reasons, it is possible that some information may be stored on the user’s computer or server once it has been modified on the website (known as caching). In this case, the modification of the website will prevail over the copy stored on another computer or service.


Payments made to CoolProyect for the purchase of products or services, will be made preferably through PayPal or credit card. CoolProyect will never have direct access to users’ bank details. Details about PayPal’s security and internal processes, as well as its consumer protection services, are published at Purchases made through Amazon or other distributors outside CoolProyect, will be made according to the conditions that they establish. CoolProyect will provide advice if requested by the user, within their knowledge related to these services. All products have a return and refund guarantee, which will vary depending on the nature of the product. The user must contact CoolProyect as soon as possible, to notify any error or disagreement with the operation. No product returns or transactions will be accepted without having been authorized by CoolProyect.


CoolProyect does not distribute physical products. All digital products or services are processed electronically. The user will receive an email with a download link, or will be redirected to a screen with the link. Although delivery is immediate, this process may be delayed for a few minutes due to automated systems. In the event that after a few hours the download has not been completed, the user may contact CoolProyect for assistance.

The delivery of products or services online is justified by the IP and the download order, which is treated by the system of the purchase process, being recorded all the information of the process.

In the case of the provision of services, the term of execution of the service will be notified.

The acquisition of downloadable products immediately, begins with the payment of the product and ends at the time of downloading or access.

The access to digital library or recurring payment membership, ends at the time the buyer stops paying its fees, being necessary to give prior notice within the previous month in which such access no longer wishes to be contracted.

There is no minimum duration or commitment of permanence in which the buyer is obliged to maintain commercial relations.

The installment payment of a course, infoproduct or service is not considered membership, but from the moment of the first payment the customer agrees to pay the remaining installments. Payment in installments is considered when the option to pay for a product that is marketed with a single payment price is offered, splitting it into several installments to make it more accessible.


Software applications are distributed under a user license. By making the payment, the user acquires the license that authorizes him to use the product. The user can know the conditions of the license before making the payment.


The customer has a support service to raise any doubts that may arise in relation to the topics taught in courses, provided that it is so specified on the product’s sales or contracting page.

Help will also be offered to configure or start up the product or service purchased, except for intervention or incidents related to the customer’s equipment, or third party technologies.

Communications to provide support will be made through the e-mail, unless other options are indicated on the sales or contracting page, or in the specific license conditions for the product.


Virtual services and products, such as ebooks, software, video courses, are not subject to warranty as such, since they are not physical products that may have manufacturing defects.
When the graphic seal or the expression “return guarantee” is used to facilitate the understanding of the user or customer, it is really referring to the return or withdrawal, the conditions of which are detailed below.


As a general rule, the right of withdrawal shall not apply to contracts relating to the supply of digital content (software, applications, games, music, videos or computer text, whether by download or streaming), which is not provided on a material medium when performance has begun. When the customer is acquiring a downloadable product and this download has started, he loses the right of withdrawal.

Products distributed by third party companies, such as Amazon, Bubok, or Create Space, will be governed by the conditions of the distributor itself, published on their own websites. When the sale of the product is managed by CoolProyect and on the sales or contracting page is expressly indicated (either with the text “money back guarantee” or with the equivalent graphic seal), the products will be subject to a right of return or withdrawal of 30 calendar days, or other period when expressly indicated. The refund of the payment will be made within 14 days after the user communicates his intention to exercise this right. To exercise this right, the user must write an email to, with the subject “REFUND REQUEST”, indicating the product and the order number. It is not necessary to indicate the cause of the disagreement with the product, although it will be useful to know it, to improve internal management. The customer agrees to remove from its equipment and stop using the product or service purchased after the return.

In relation to the services, if these could not be provided due to lack of collaboration of the customer, the customer will lose the right to the refund of the amount paid.

The after-sales assistance of the purchased infoproducts will be free of charge if it refers to downloading difficulties.